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The Secret Origin of Singapore's Newest Superhero - Astro-Roar!

SingMedical Vs The Infinity Virus

Unlock the Secret Origin of Singapore's Newest Superhero - Astro-Roar! 🦁


From vanquishing the sinister Infinity Virus to joining the healthcare titans at SingMedical, his journey is nothing short of epic. Want in on the action?


Download our jaw-dropping comic book and see how this lion-hearted hero and SingMedical are revolutionizing healthcare in Singapore. Your adventure to better health starts here!

Astro-Roar Comics
SingMedical Superhero Comics AstroROAR (Video)-2.png

Unveiling the Stars Behind Our Unique Comic:
A One-of-a-Kind Experience!

Crafted by our Medical Director, Dr. Bobby Stryker, and featuring our amazing team - Juliana, Sebastian, Asidah, Helen, Zelinna, and the legend Dr. Stryker himself - this unique comic is not to be missed.

Fun fact: some of the superweapons you'll read about can actually be found in our physical clinics. We're thrilled for you to dive into this one-of-a-kind comic experience!

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