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Family Medicine

Families are like branches on a tree, we may grow in different directions but our roots remain as one.


At SingMedical, we provide positive, comprehensive healthcare for every member of your family!

Acute Medical Care

Conditions which develop quickly with symptoms needing timely care, are referred to as acute conditions. Some examples include flu, sore eyes, food poisoning, infections, rashes and allergies. 


At SingMedical, we are able to treat all your acute conditions as well as perform common vaccinations and statutory medical examinations (WP / EP Renewal, Helper Checkups, Driving Licence Checkups). 


For emergencies such as chest pains, breathlessness, severe giddiness, unconscious patients, please call 995.

SingMedical Clinic Clementi
Stomach Pain SingMedical Clementi Clinic Near Me Singapore,Short patient waiting time, short clinic queue
Chronic Management SingMedical Clementi Clinic Near Me Singapore, Short patient waiting time, short clinic queue

Chronic Medical Care

Conditions which are long-lasting and require regular follow-up and treatment are referred to as chronic conditions. Some examples include high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes (high sugar levels), asthma and thyroid disorders.


At SingMedical, our experienced team is able to effectively manage your chronic conditions as well as perform the necessary lab tests to ensure your health remains in tip top condition.


Additionally, our advanced electronic patient records system ensures that no matter which of our future branches you walk into, you can be confident that your attending doctor will be able to access all your notes and continue to take care of your chronic medical needs.

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